View from the Pew
Sermon: “Enough”                       September 25, 2016
1 Timothy 6: 6-19 & Luke 16: 19-31

The bible verses deal with values. Money is nice, but we never have Enough. Good friends, God’s blessings, and health can satisfy us, but Things are never ‘Enough.’

I do not typically buy lottery tickets but my husband occasionally does. Each time, he hands me the ticket and says with a smile, “here’s our retirement.” I carry the tickets around with me for weeks and weeks before I check to see if they are winners. I had a fistful last week at the gas station, so I scanned them and was delighted to cash in for $3.00. That was ENOUGH! It was money I had not expected and certainly not retirement worthy, but it was ENOUGH.

We have all heard the old sayings, “Money is the root of all evil” and “Money doesn’t buy happiness.” There are so many stories in the Bible and in our daily lives to illustrate these phrases. The Bible also tells us that God gives us all that we need if we let Him. Yes, we may complain that our pay checks do not stretch to cover our needs (or retirement). God’s love has blessed us richly and meets our needs. He loves us just as we are and we are ENOUGH. $3.00 was plenty, because with God’s love I can experience heaven here on Earth.