“How Much is Enough”

View From the Pew
Sermon: “How Much is Enough”                July 31, 2016
Scripture   Luke 12: 13—21

A story about the man who was joyous about his plentiful crop and decided to build new, bigger barns to store his wealth. Then he learned that his life was to end, and all the wealth could do nothing to save him.

Humans are acquisitive; we love to acquire things. And when we get a lot we… want more. This is one of our biggest faults. “Stuff” can obsess us! There is a saying that points to the foolishness of this: “He who dies with the most stuff wins!” This parable in Luke points to the uncertainty and frailty of our time here. Our Stuff can be taken from us, our life can end at any time.

Better to grow in wisdom and in spirit. Everything you do makes the world a better place, or a worse one. What you earn, or take, does little of value. Seek “enough” of the intangibles to leave behind you a better place, and to go to a better place.