“Passing the Mantle”

Sermon: “Passing the Mantle” June 26, 2016
Scriptures: 2Kings 2 1-8/2Kings 2 9-16

The morning message focused on O.T. Elijah and Elisha and what we can learn from them. Rev. Moman explained that in Elijah’s day a mantle was an item of clothing worn to signify that the wearer was a Prophet or God, and today “passing the mantle” often means giving the responsibility to others. Before Elijah left his ministry, Elisha asked him for a double share of the Spirit.

The concept of passing the mantle also brings to mind “what is our legacy”? What is my importance in the community/world? We should reflect on what is our personal legacy, and the legacy of our congregation. We need to look at our past, our present, and our future.

Our congregation has potential for a new legacy. We ALL have been handed a mantle of responsibility. What will we do with the time we have left? Will we decide we’ve done our best and we choose to leave the mantle for someone else to pick up? Will we pick it up and continue forward? We should give deep, spiritual consideration for what God is calling us to do.