“The Servant Leader”

View From the Pew
Sermon: “The Servant Leader” Feb 5, 2017
Scripture: II Samuel 23: 13-17 & Luke 22: 24-27

“This Is My Song”…the first song sung on 2/5/17 Sunday service.  What a wonderful way to start the service, with one of my favorite hymns.  Being a favorite, it was sung a little more gusto and feeling than normal.

Music plays a huge role in our Sunday services, largely due to the fact that our church is blessed with so many talented musicians.  This particular song evokes such deep feelings for me because of its timeless lyrics.  But, in light of current political and civil uncertainty and unrest, and hatred towards other people and their ideals, I think the songs’ words are more poignant than ever.

This song is a prayer set to music.  It sings praises of one’s adoration and gratefulness for their country’s beauty…”my skies are bluer than the ocean, sunlight beams on cloverleaf and pine; the country where my heart is, along with my hopes and dreams”.  However, as the song points out, other nations also have just as blue skies, sunlight beams, and their residents have hopes and dreams just as true.  This world belongs to all of us and we need to respect the fact that others are just as important as us, as are their hopes and dreams and admiration for life and beauty.

This is a gorgeous world that belongs to all of us, and at the same time, doesn’t belong to any of us.  I believe that we are simply “borrowing” it for the time that we’re here, and we need to take care of it and leave it better than the way we found it.  During communion, Rev. Gipson described a sensitive way to dispose of the left-over communion bread and wine.  Break the bread into small pieces and spread it over the ground to feed the birds, and then pour the wine out on the ground to water the foliage.  With this, the earth and it’s creatures are connected and nurtured.  What a beautiful way to honor the world and its creatures.

As a side note, the most beautiful rendition of this song was recorded live by the Indigo Girls…check it out, their angelic harmonies will give you chills.