“Truth and Consequences”

Sermon: “Truth and Consequences”     January 31, 2016
Scripture:  Luke 4: 14-30    
Jesus is initially welcomed when he speaks in the temple of his home town.  But when he speaks about not coming home to pass out blessings like candy at a parade, the crowd gets angry and tries to throw him off a cliff.

Brutally honest is a phrase that we hear often, but a behavior that we tend to shy away from.  Why?
Because we don’t want to hurt another’s feelings; don’t want to destroy a relationship.  Consider Jesus’ too honest reply when returning to Nazareth.  When he told the townspeople that he (like the prophets) would not fix everything and bless everyone.
We, on the other hand, are a little less than honest perhaps not divulging the full truth.  We may tell people what they want to hear and we prefer to be kind and gentle in doing that.   What about God?  He calls us to be totally honest with Him about our selves and our thinking… and in that truth we will still experience His unconditional love.  And since God knows all, honesty is the obvious path; dishonesty fools only ourselves. 
God is love, waiting to forgive; you have only to accept and be honest.


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